It starts with good people.


The Bookmanager team (from left): Matt, Jessica, Carley, Kristi, Kellynda, Trevor, Michael, Diana, Eric, Tobias, and Quintin.


The Bookmanager family is huge.

We have over 30 years of experience in the indie bookseller game, with 329 active installations in large, small and medium-sized shops. We've seen the industry evolve dramatically over the years. During that time, generations of booksellers and their customers have changed, and we've made sure to change along with them.


Made by booksellers, for booksellers.

What sets us apart from other POS providers and inventory programs is that we are booksellers too. Downstairs from our office is Mosaic Books, our very own 8,000 square foot space of new and remainder books. The Bookmanager support staff all started out as bookslingers in the store, and we continue to work very closely with the bookstore staff to develop new features and test them hands-on, in a live environment. As such, we are very much in tune with the latest industry changes and challenges because bookselling is literally a part of our everyday business.

Mosaic Books Storefront

Family owned and operated since 1986.

Michael Neill, our president and founder, works alongside his son, Trevor, and a great team of programmers, designers, and technical support wizards.
Downstairs from the Bookmanager office, the iconic Mosaic Books is managed by Michael’s daughter and wife. The bookstore inspires Bookmanager, while playing "guinea pig" to our new ideas.
Michael himself is a second generation bookseller; saying it runs in the family is an understatement, and our commitment to the longevity of the book industry has become a family legacy.

A bookseller's best friend.

In Canada, Bookmanager is a household name in the book biz because our focus has allowed us to develop strong and personal relationships with both booksellers and publishers, and then create innovative solutions for the changing terrain. We incorporate the things most important to the industry and its shapers, with new features and angles added on a weekly basis. Like your store and customers, Bookmanager is a dynamic company that considers your input and suggestions invaluable.